writing_book Hello everyone!

I have started a newsletter, which will be a great way for you to stay informed about my upcoming book releases, cover reveals, events, competitions, and well… general news and information. I plan it to be quarterly, but news and events  may make its schedule adhoc. Got to keep you on your toes!

I won’t spam you and your email address will not be used for any other nefarious purpose.

You can subscribe via the handy link in the left sidebar of my site, or via the Newsletter tab of my Facebook Page.

So, onto prizes! Oh, you just woke up? Well go and subscribe first because if you don’t you can’t win. Who said bribery was dead? 🙂

On the 1st March, 2013, all subscribers will be entered into a drawing. FIVE winners will receive an ebook copy of Ocean of Dust, and ONE of those five will also get a $10 Amazon gift card.