The Malachite Mine

Horror two miles underground!

Mary jumps at the chance for a birthday party in the surreal setting of an abandoned Russian mine. Until an uninvited guest turns it from a celebration to a living nightmare. Now all Mary wants for her birthday is for everyone to escape alive.

Note: This story is also published in the anthology Twisted Earths


A short suspenseful story I highly recommend to all horror and thriller readers. […] I was gripping my kindle, terrified for Mary, and then the ending … Well, I can’t give it away, but it was a twist I hadn’t seen coming one bit.

– Tania


Mass Transit

Mind over matter is more than a cliche.

Controlling starships with her mind is all Emily ever dreamed of. Her graduation from the Telekinesis Traffic Control Academy is assured, unless Dylan, an irritating and cocky fellow student, ruins it for her. 

The utmost concentration is essential to land a ship from orbit. When Dylan’s jealousy turns to sabotage, thousands of people will die if Emily can’t keep him out of her head. But which of them has the stronger mind?

Note: This story is also published in the anthology Mayhem in the Air​


…gripping from start to finish, with a feisty heroine I hope we meet in a later book. Written with great style.